At the age of 12, I had developed herniated discs which lead to back problems up through adulthood. I have spent thousands of hours with doctor visits, physical therapy, hospital/ER visits, filling prescriptions, and reached a point where surgery seemed to be the only option for relief. I had also been “labeled” by the medical world as Bi-polar at age 19, working through day to day challenges with work, family, friends and myself. A friend of mine heard about my situation and recommended me to Integral Bodywork®.

After starting bodywork, It has now been over 1.5 years since my back went out (previously it would go out about once every 2 months, leaving me off my feet, home from work and unable to perform basic life functions). I also no longer require medication that I was so dependent upon. My posture has improved 10 fold with an increase of flexibility and overall sense of awareness of the body.
In addition to physical improvements – my life and thoughts have slowed down significantly. I have worked closely with my psychiatrist to come off psych meds and have had the Bi-polar “label” set to Inactive! (when I asked him if there was a plan for patients wanting to come off medication, he said he didn’t because this never happens 🙂 I have been off psych meds completely now for over 2 months and have never felt so clear with myself and those around me.

My friends and family have told me that they had not seen me as happy and peaceful as they do today and as a result – I have also mended relationships with those that seemed done for good.

I can not express in words, the level of gratitude I have for Integral Bodywork® and the changes it has brought into my life. Thank you so much!!!