I was first introduced to Everett Ogawa in 2010. I initially went to him because I was seeking “something.” Today, in the middle of my 5th round, I am still seeking “something” but now I have a little more clarity and much more patience with myself. I know that would not have been possible without Everett. I recall leaving my first session in 2010 feeling exposed, tired and with a horrible headache, but I also left with a feeling of excitement. I knew I had begun a personal journey, I just didn’t “get it” quite yet. I have since learned that these feelings are part of a bigger process and I am eager to continue on this journey.

I have had many different experiences of release while working with Everett. Overall my body is flexible, my mind is clear and I am expressive. I had buried “feelings” over the years and now I am able to state my feelings and communicate my needs without the fear. I can now sense when my body needs more bodywork. I will need this release for many years to come.
I am in the middle of my 5th round of Integral Bodywork® and each session brings me closer to my truest self (whomever she is!) Everett is so patient and kind, thoughtful, honest and caring. His gentle spirit is inviting for further growth. He makes me feel at ease with whatever I am going through. He is very wise and knowledgable. He shares his wisdom without bias or judgement. He often recommends books, articles, exercises and other “tools” to aid in energy release which ultimately leads to further personal growth.

To know Everett is an honor. Much gratitude.