Gratitude to our Teachers and our Teachers' Teachers.

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Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi Archbishop of Chozen-Ji - showed us the Way and insisted that we realize our True Potential.
Ida P. Rolf Founder of Rolfing® - revealed to the world her revelations about Gravity, Alignment and the 10 Sessions.
William “Dub” Leigh Founder of Zentherapy® - shared Ida Rolf’s 10 Sessions method with us and inspired us to explore deeper in the bodymind.
Toyoda Tenzan Rokoji Founder of the Aikido Association of America - supported the development of this work and provided us with a living example of “a natural man”.
Jarl Dyrud M.D. Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Chicago - was an early supporter, advisor and mentor of our bodywork community.
David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. Founder of Devotional Non-Duality - whose Enlightenment experience, consciousness research and teachings continue to instruct and inform our understanding and integrity regarding Integral Bodywork®.
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev A realized yogi, mystic and visionary who’s example, teachings and practices are contributing greatly to the further evolution of Integral Bodywork®.
Everett Ogawa